A cream designed for those with sensitive skin and/or Rosacea. Contains hydrating agents and powerful anti-irritants to help reduce the appearance of redness and itching sensations, to improve skin softness and comfort upon application.

Skin Type Indications: Redness, irritation, flaking, broken capillaries.

Size: 2 oz (59 ml)
Price: $ 56.00

Plant and Sea whip extracts reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation

Peptides and a nourishing lipid complex restore barrier integrity

SepiCalm VG (Sodium palmitoyl proline and Nymphaea alba flower extract): Inhibits inflammatory pigmentation, soothes sensitive and irritated skin, inhibits inflammatory mediators

Stimu-Tex (Spent grain wax, shea butter extract, and argania spinosa kernal oil): Rich in linoleic acid, unique phytosterols and essential fatty acids, helps regenerate the epidermal permeability barrier reducing transepidermal water loss and has anti-inflammatory properties

DermCom (Crocus Crysanthus bulb extract): Improves epidermal communication to boost collagen and elastin production, stimulate growth factors, and renew resilience and firmness

Caresoft (Purified fraction of Curculigo orchioides root): Working through the NHE1 receptor it helps internally control skin pH, improves cohesion between cells, repairs integrity of epidermis, reduces skin reactivity and sensitivity

Sea whip (Gorgonian) Extract: Rich in powerful anti-inflammatory compounds called pseudopterosins which inhibit the arachidonic acid cascade

Symsitive 1609 (4-t-Butylcyclohexanol): Calming reactive skin types and hyperactive nerves to give immediate relief from burning, stinging and tingling, also strengthens protection and reduces further irritation

Aloe Vera Gel-Eco (Aloe barbadensis) extract: Rich in mucilaginous polysaccharides including acemannin (one of the active metabolites of Aloe); wound healing, stimulates fibroblast growth, angiogenesis, re-epithelializtion; reduces inflammation and increases collagen synthesis

Marrubium Stem cell (Marrubium vulgare meristem cell culture) extract: Rich in phenylpropanoids (i.e. forsythoside B and verbacoside) which are defensive molecules that protect the skin against oxidants and activate the skins self-defense systems

Delisense (Acetyl Hexapeptide-46): Down regulates PAR-2 thus reducing discomfort of pain and itching occurring in sensitive skin and restoring damaged barrier integrity, also increasing hydration, improves scaling, smoothing and softness in very dry skin

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