Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser


The patented microbeads of natural beeswax gently cleanse and exfoliate, while absorbing excess oil. Leaves all skin types feeling fresh and revitalised.

Skin Type Indications:  All skin types, especially those that are more oily or require additional exfoliation.

Size: 2 oz (60 ml)
Price: $ 40.00

Gently exfoliates, leaving the skin silky and smooth

Naturally oil absorbing and hydrating at the same time

Fragrance-free and sulfate-free

Gentle enough to be used twice daily

Stepan Mild PCL (Sodium Methyl 2-Sulfolaurate, Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate): A mild cleansing agent that uses surfactants, generates foam and allows for skin pH matching, resulting in a pleasant after feel

Organic bees wax: Gently exfoliates the skin while absorbing excess oil

Cocomidopropyl betaine: Foaming agent derived from refined coconut oil, gentle and biodegradable


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