Royal Peptide Facial

Advanced treatment designed to smooth, firm, and tighten the skin for a more fresh and youthful appearance. With the synergy of skin-reinforcing peptides and essential vitamins infused deeply in the skin where it is needed most, the treatment induces collagen and elastin production and prevents and reverses visible signs of photo-aging including fine lines and wrinkles, and loose skin. 

This antiaging treatment also normalizes and regulates the skin’s natural processes and functions and restores a healthy skin climate.

  • Skin tightening and lifting
  • Increased elasticity and firmness of skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction in the appearance of loose
  • SkinIncreased hydration levels to combat dry and dehydrated skin
  • Reverses visible signs of photoaging
  • Promote long-term skin health

Appointment scheduling needs $50 deposit which it will use in your treatment session


Royal Peptide Facial


The client will receive :

90-minute to 2 hours treatment

including deep cleaning, enzyme, oxygen, hydration, LED light, microcurrent, lip, eye, and serum therapy(Such as human stem cell, anti-wrinkle, vitamin c-e-a, hyaluronic acid, brightening, arnica, …) using morpheus device.

First-time clients will have a free home-care regimen for at least 15 days!

$25 – peel-off masque

$30 – dermaplaning

$100 – chemical peel


$1100: Package of 3
$2200: Package of 6

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Improved skin barrier
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • More elastic skin
  • Eases inflammation
  • Can help clear breakouts

We recommend 6 to 12 consistent treatments for ultimate, regenerative results.

Peptides can penetrate the outer layer of the skin, so instead of sitting on top of the skin, they sink in more deeply. You can think of them as messengers for the other cells. They send signals telling the cells to produce collagen and elastin.

Peptides are amino acids that are the building blocks of certain proteins needed by the skin, like collagen and elastin. Using a serum or moisturizer that contains peptides can lead to firmer, younger-looking skin and maybe even fewer breakouts.