Hydrating Facial

Hydrated skin is happy skin. It just looks and feels good. When it comes to a healthy, glowing complexion, the importance of skin hydration is almost unmatched in skincare. 

Your skin thrives when it’s properly hydrated. Hydration affects the texture and appearance of your skin, helping it become softer and smoother. In other words, hydrated skin looks younger.

Hydrating facials promote renewal and healing through skin exfoliation and deep hydration. 

Most men and women can benefit from having regular hydrating facials. 

A hydrating facial can reinvigorate the layers of your skin that have become dehydrated.

Appointment scheduling needs $50 deposit which it will use in your treatment session

Hydrating Facial


Add-ons for Enhanced Results



  • $30 – Dermaplaning


  • $50 – Serum Therapy

  • $50 – Human Stem Cell Therapy

  • $55 – Oxygen Therapy

  • $100 – Microdermabrasion

  • $100 – Chemical Peel

$500: Package of 3
$1000: Package of 6


Most frequent questions and answers

A hydrating facial is designed specifically for hydrating and healing skin. Skin can become dull, patchy or even flaky as a result of dehydration. A hydrating facial immediately nourishes the skin, relieving tightness and the appearance of fine lines. Just like plants need water to live and grow, so does your skin.

Dermatologists recommend getting a facial once a month.

This is because it’s not frequent enough to irritate the skin, and this timing works with our skin turnover cycle, which is 28 days.

Drink Enough Water. All the moisturizers, face masks and creams have done a good job with hydrating your skin. Now it’s your turn to hydrate your body to allow the glow to stay for longer. Drink lots of water, juices and other fluids to keep your skin and body hydrated after a facial.