Drone Technology Facial

Drone technology allows precise delivery to the targeted skin cell, resulting in faster more efficient, and more effective results without possible adverse reactions.

This is significant because getting active ingredients into the skin, let alone where they need to be delivered to do anything useful, is a challenge. The outermost layer of skin, known as the stratum corneum, has layers of keratin and is dif­ficult to penetrate — your skin is a protective barrier after all. There are three main entry sites into the skin: the pores, hair follicles, and spaces between cells that contain an oil-water fluid matrix.

One company that is using this approach is GlyMed and, not surprisingly, it is called Advanced Drone Technology. “It targets the specifics of the fibroblasts [the cell in connective tissue that produces collagen and other fibers. It also goes after the melanocytes, the melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis. it targets only the overactive melanocytes without affecting the surrounding skin.

Drone delivery system guarantees the active ingredient performs at maximum efficacy when it reaches where it needs to go. Not only does this help to stabilize the ingredient, but it also allows it to be released slowly into the skin, prolonging the skincare benefit.

Appointment scheduling needs $50 deposit which it will use in your treatment session

Drone Technology Facial


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$690: Package of 3
$1320: Package of 6

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Cosmetic Drone Technology allows results up to 30% more effective than traditional cosmetic care products because it delivers the active ingredients to the heart of the cell for greater efficiency. This technology thus allows a maximum of results with a minimum of product. Each drone has its own target depending on the treatment used. No more waste! The product used will only target the cells involved and the targeted action of the treatment will bring better and faster results!

Simply put, a clever combination of two peptides works in tandem to help plump the skin with hydration. These independently tested actives have been shown in-vitro to boost Hyaluronic Acid production as well as elastin synthesis. Hyaluronic acid and Elastin contribute towards a more elastic and supple feeling skin.