Deep Collagen Rejuvenate Facial

Collagen rejuvenating treatments are based on the principle that the skin has a natural ability to repair itself whenever it is subjected to any kind of physical damage. Immediately after an injury such as a cut, burn or abrasion our body goes into a healing response and part of that response mechanism is to produce new collagen and elastin fibers.

Collagen is the main protein found in our bones, muscles, and tendons. It makes up 75 percent of our skin forming the scaffold that strengthens our connective tissue. There are several different types of collagen but two types, in particular, Type I and Type III Collagen are responsible for the majority of our skin’s regeneration. When the skin is injured Type III Collagen begins the healing process and is followed in the later stages of wound repair by Type I Collagen, which is stronger and more resilient.

As children, our skin is rich with Type III Collagen. This is why a child’s skin is soft and supple, enabling it to repair very quickly when injured. As we enter adulthood production of Type III Collagen slows and the production of Type I Collagen begins to increase. Type I Collagen continues to build until we reach the age of around thirty-five and then starts to decrease.

This is when true aging begins. Existing collagen degrades and the formation of new collagen decreases.  Due to this reduction in collagen our skin becomes thinner and less elastic, pore size increases, facial spider veins, and sun damage become more apparent, fine lines begin to appear, wrinkles become deeper and our skin loses its natural youthful radiance. These issues then become steadily worse as time progresses.

When the face is cut, for example, Type I and Type III Collagen are released to repair the wound. This is the body’s normal wound-healing response. It is this normal wound-healing response that treatments such as Micro-Needling, RadioFrequency, IPL, and Clinical Peels are based on to naturally increase the production of collagen in the skin.

With the presence of new collagen, the skin’s condition begins to improve. It becomes plumper and suppler, wrinkles and scars diminish, skin tightens, uneven skin texture is smoothed, pore size appears smaller, and blemishes fade. With each treatment, more new collagen is produced and the overall quality of the skin continues to improve.  

Appointment scheduling needs $50 deposit which it will use in your treatment session


Deep Collagen Rejuvenate Facial


The client will receive :

90-minute treatment

including deep cleaning, enzyme, oxygen, LED light, microcurrent, and serum therapy(Such as human stem cell, anti-wrinkle, vitamin c-e-a, hyaluronic acid, brightening, arnica, …) using rezenerate device.

First-time clients will have a free home-care regimen for at least 15 days!

$25 – peel-off masque

$30 – dermaplaning

$100 – chemical peel


$1100: Package of 3
$2200: Packaage of 6

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Most frequent questions and answers

Topicals for home skin care maintenance are recommended to extend results and of course to continue to protect the collagen you have.

Collagen can be restored, because when these treatments happen, the body forms new collagen to repair damage and injuries. Alternatively, food is an excellent way to stimulate collagen production, leading to its restoration within the body.

Collagen stimulation therapy is highly effective in reducing skin laxity in the face, neck and décolletage. Skin crepiness and fine lines are diminished in the treated sites and pliability and elasticity are significantly improved.

Ultherapy. Ultrasound, such as Ultherapy, is an FDA-approved skin-tightening technology that delivers micro-focused ultrasound energy deep into the lower layers of the skin to trigger active collagen production.